About Leslie


I began editing as a high school teacher way back in 1985. I took a break from 1991-2000 to stay at home with my three children until they reached school age. After that, I eased back into writing, speaking, and–you guessed it–editing. In 2001, when I realized I desperately needed community in the crazy writing journey, I founded the Rockwall Christian Writers Group. A few months later, I met my lifelong writing/editing peeps, Mary DeMuth and D’Ann Mateer (who writes as Anne Mateer). We formed a critique group (a must for writers at any age or any stage!) called Life Sentence and have met (nearly) every week since. This proved to be a real challenge when Mary and her family planted a church on the French Riviera. (Thank goodness for Skype!)

Anne Mateer, Mary DeMuth and me. We edited for attendees of She Speaks, a conference in North Carolina.
Anne Mateer, Mary DeMuth and me. We edited for attendees of She Speaks, a conference in North Carolina.

Though I’ve primarily worked with Christian authors, that’s certainly not a prerequisite. In case you’re skeptical, I’m happy to share the names of some of the more than 100 authors I’ve edited for. (And, yes, it’s become acceptable to end a sentence in a preposition. You also need only one space after a period these days, too, but enough on that subject.)

As far as my editing style goes, I don’t blow sunshine up your skirt (or kilt, jeans or khakis). Instead, I offer authentic critique, designed to help you improve your writing skills and move closer to publication. I try to pepper my critique with positive comments, so you don’t feel beat up. That being said, I’m not your mom, best friend or child. You don’t hire me to tell you how wonderful you are. You have plenty of people in your life who tell you that. You hire me to teach you and help you get published. So, please find cheerleaders, like I did with Life Sentence. You need those types in your life–to hold your hand and encourage you. But please understand that I do what I do and say what I say for your benefit. Think of me as iron sharpening iron.