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I’ve worked with dozens of clients, including pastors, speakers, teachers, counselors, ministry professionals and individuals who just want to share their powerful story.

Writers, some traditionally published and some self-published, who’ve trusted me with their work:

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“I’m thrilled we’re doing another project together. So glad (and thankful) to have you on this journey with me! I must say, your words of affirmation and congratulations when I get to the end of a book are such an encouragement to me. I feel like I’ve run a race, and you’ve put a medal around my neck. I know you do that instinctively because that’s who you are and how you are, but I must say, from a professional perspective, it’s such a classy thing to do and such an added bonus when it’s all said and done. So thank you, dear sister.” —Susie Larson

“I have had the great pleasure to work with Leslie. Like her website title indicates, she is a true professional. I know if I have any writing or editing need, Leslie Wilson would be my first call. Not only does she possess all the editing skills , but her friendliness makes  her a pure joy to work with.” —Bill Rogers, British Open Champion (1981)

“Special thanks also to Leslie for helping make me a better writer—and making that process a wonderful experience.” —Rachel Olsen

“I love and respect those who provide honest, ruthless feedback. I’d rather hear the truth and learn from it. I feel highly motivated by your edit—I will produce a much better book proposal (and book for that matter) because you’ve stripped away some of my blinders. I feel eager, expectant, motivated, committed, and hungry for the work it takes to draft good prose. I love coaching. Don’t feel bad [about being brutally honest]. I mean it when I say I appreciate it.” —Nathan Beauchamp

“What a delight and joy it has been to work with Leslie Wilson. She is an enthusiastic and dedicated professional who knows how to make any project grammatically correct, as well as make the words jump off the page.

“The writing project that she edited represented my first effort done professionally. I had written other books but did not learn the process or the ways of doing it correctly. All writing needs to be edited and formatted, and Leslie knows her way around this field filled with land mines. I learned so much and was so inspired that I am now considering a new project. I would use no one but Leslie.

“And here is the most important part. She is a fine person, and she really cares about your work. Her investment in time and diligence produce something that she feels good about as well as the writer. What a winning combination!” —Randy Wolff