The Editing Process

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Congratulations! By finding this website and clicking to this page, you’ve taken Step 1 toward completing your project! If you can just make it through steps 2-10,000, you can read about your book (and yourself) on Amazon. com.

Step 2:

I typically recommend a TOTALLY FREE sniff test. Here’s how it works. You send me up to five pages (any five of your WIP, work in progress), and I’ll do a 20-minute, sample edit, in which I’ll read, edit, make comments, and then email you my thoughts. No charge.

The first sample here took me about 2-3 minutes per page. Note that I’ve made only minor changes–mainly to help the wording flow better.

SL Screenshot













Compare that to the edit pictured below. This one took me 10-15 minutes per page. I hope these samples help you see why I can’t just give you a flat rate for editing your 225-page manuscript.

LS Screen Shot













Steps 3-10,000:

Please contact me if you want more information or you’d like to work together. I’ll let you know my availability. Click here to check out my rates.

What materials will I edit, you ask?

What I will edit:

  • Non-fiction
  • Memoir
  • Fiction
  • Short stories

What I won’t edit:

  • Science fiction or fantasy
  • Children’s books
  • Poetry
  • Erotica