Self-Publishing Info

Many folks prefer to self-publish their work. The stigma that existed a few years back has faded tremendously, and the majority of readers don’t know whether a book is put out by a major publishing house or a newbie trying his/her hand at self-publishing. That’s the good news for someone who wants to try the self-pub route. The bad news? You’ll be in competition with about a jillion other people who think the world is dying to read what they’ve written.

Self Publish Be Happy

Still, with a unique, powerful idea, the passion to carry it through, and a well-edited manuscript, nothing says you can’t find great success by self-publishing. And I’m here to help.

Obviously, I can edit your manuscript. But I can also format it for publication.


  • Ebook formatting: $200-$300, depending on the length
  • Physical product formatting (softcover copy through Amazon’s CreateSpace): $.01/word (Example: If your manuscript has 75,000 words, the cost would be $750.00.)

You have to ask yourself if you have the passion and resolve to sustain enthusiasm for your project for at least a year or two because that’s generally how long it takes to finish, edit and self-publish a manuscript.

I’ve helped several authors from start to finish. Let me know if you’d like to visit about what’s involved.